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Virtus GF U.S. Small-Mid Cap Fund

Inception Date
(Class I Acc.)
Total Expense Ratio
(Class I)
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Russell 2500™ Index
1The Investment Manager has currently voluntarily undertaken to limit the aggregate annual ordinary expenses of the Fund’s Class I shares to 1.00%. The Investment Manager may terminate or modify this undertaking at any time at its sole discretion upon advance notice to the Fund’s shareholders.

Product Overview

Investment Partner

Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC

Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) manages quality-focused equity strategies across investment styles, market caps, and geographies. KAR believes that superior risk-adjusted returns may be achieved through investment in high-quality companies with market dominance, excellent management, financial strength, and consistent growth, purchased at reasonable prices.

Learn more about Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus of the UCITS and to the PRIIPS KID/KIID before making any final investment decisions.

Investment Overview

  • The Virtus GF U.S. Small-Mid Cap Fund (Fund) seeks to provide strong long-term results by investing in a focused portfolio of small- and mid-capitalization companies believed by Kayne Anderson Rudnick to have enduring competitive protections and favorable long-term prospects, purchased at attractive prices.
  • The firm’s extensive knowledge of high-quality companies is used to construct a portfolio of the best opportunities chosen from across Kayne Anderson Rudnick’s investment universe without consideration of style or sector weight restrictions.
  • The focus is not on attempting to forecast the market, but instead on trying to understand individual companies and their worth, in order to be in the position to recognize attractive prices when they arise.
  • The Fund invests primarily in stocks of small- and mid-capitalization companies located in the United States.
  • Investors invest in shares of the Fund. The Fund is suitable for long-term investors seeking capital appreciation and prepared to accept a moderate to high level of volatility.
  • The Fund is actively managed. The Fund uses the Russell 2500® Index as a comparator benchmark but not to constrain portfolio composition or as a target for performance.

This fund is registered in the following country: United Kingdom

Risk Considerations

Equity Securities: Equity securities may be more volatile and carry more risk than other forms of investments, including investments in high grade fixed income securities. The net asset value per share will fluctuate as the value of the securities in the portfolio changes.
Liquidity: Certain instruments may be difficult or impossible to sell at a time and price beneficial to the portfolio, which could impact the ability to meet redemption requests upon demand.
Small Companies: The market price of equity securities may be affected by financial market, industry, or issuer-specific events. Focus on a particular style or on small or medium-sized companies may enhance that risk.
Operational Risk: Material losses to the Fund may arise as a result of human error, system and/or process failures, inadequate procedures or controls.
Contractual Obligations: A party with whom the Fund contracts for securities may fail to meet its obligations or become bankrupt which may expose the Fund to a financial loss.
Prospectus: For more information in relation to these and other risks, please refer to the 'Characteristics and Risks of Securities and Investment Techniques' section of the prospectus.

Fund Codes

Share Class ISIN Currency Bloomberg
A Shares Accumulating IE000I80F2H9 USD VIGUSAU
I Shares Accumulating IE000XKISGH6 USD VIGUSIU
M Shares Accumulating IE000UTNR955 USD VGUSMAC
M Shares Accumulating IE000IEHZN42 EUR VRGUMEA
M Shares Accumulating (H) IE0006FBBAG7 EUR VRGUMHG
M Shares Distributing IE000WZPHSZ1 GBP VRGUMGB
M Shares Distributing IE000BFC5U86 USD VRGSMCM
M Shares Distributing IE000E60U4H4 EUR VIGUMEA
R Shares Accumulating IE0001Y7PTC9 USD VIGUSRU
R Shares Accumulating IE000OAXBKZ5 EUR VRGUREU


Step 1:
Identify High-Quality Companies that

> Dominate their market

> Possess management excellence

> Have strong balance sheets and financial strength

> Show consistent growth

Step 2:
Develop Investment Conviction

> Determine sustainability of competitive advantages

> Identify superior return opportunities

> Assess strength of company management

> Seek independent confirmation from interviews with suppliers, competitors, and end-users

Step 3:
Construct a Diversified Portfolio

> Focus on companies with low business and financial risk

> Broad sector diversification

> Build a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio

Investment Professionals

Jon Christensen

Jon Christensen, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Industry start date: 1995
Start date as fund Portfolio Manager: 2023

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Julie Kutasov

Julie Kutasov

Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Industry start date: 2001
Start date as fund Portfolio Manager: 2023

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Craig Stone

Craig Stone

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Industry start date: 1989
Start date as fund Portfolio Manager: 2023

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Virtus GF U.S. Small-Mid Cap Fund Quarterly Holdings

The Russell 2500™ Index is a market capitalization-weighted index of the 2,500 smallest companies in the Russell Universe, which comprises the 3,000 largest U.S. companies. The index is calculated on a total return basis with dividends reinvested. The index is unmanaged, its returns do not reflect any fees, expenses, or sales charges, and is not available for direct investment.

The Virtus Global Funds (the “Funds”) are comprised of an open-ended investment company and an open-ended Irish collective asset-management vehicle, each of which is structured as an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds and each of which is authorised, formed and regulated under the laws of Ireland as an Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”). The offering of the shares of the Virtus Global Funds is restricted in many jurisdictions and investors must inform themselves of and observe applicable restrictions in their jurisdiction.  The Funds are distributed by VP Distributors, LLC, One Financial Plaza, Hartford, CT  06103, USA.  The Funds’ current prospectuses and PRIIPS KID/KIID contain more information as well as the risks of investing and may be obtained free of charge from BNY Mellon Fund Services (Ireland) Designated Activity Company, Wexford Business Park, Rochestown, Drinagh, Wexford Y35 VY03 Ireland Phone: (+353 21) 438 00 99, or by visiting  The Funds have not been registered under the United States Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and are not available for sale in the U.S. or to U.S. Persons.  Please see the Funds’ prospectus for a definition of U.S. Person.